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Reverse Proxy Grapher

I am working on documentation for an upcoming security audit and needed a way to display how various externally available ports and URLs mapped to internal VMs, clusters, and services. I didn't want to draw them manually in various charting tools because this is the kind of data that quickly …

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Travel (Linux) laptop setup

The Linux Foundation Open Source Summit is happening in Beijing next week, and some of the topics I've had to cover in my capacity as "the security person" were from members of the IT staff asking my advice about the best strategy for bringing laptops and being able to do …

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Keep track of weird logins with Howler

Howler is a small utility I wrote to be notified when my users were logging in from unusual locations. I wanted to know if someone who normally logs in from Canada was suddenly logging in from Korea -- and especially if they were suddenly rapidly hopping between two different locations. It's …

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Airbags and steel frames

In my keynote to the 2015 Linux Kernel Summit I compared the way we currently approach IT security to the way car makers approached automotive design in the 1960s. Back in the day, car companies concentrated on adding more engine power, improving vehicle reliability and tweaking the overall body design …

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